Come on in...

Hey! Hold on a second…let me move these French phrase books aside, and get that Spanish slang book out of your way…

There, have a seat! I’m glad you found your way to the library--I’m Cindy, the head librarian. OK, I'm actually the only librarian. :-)

How The FLLO Got Started

I love to connect with people in other languages: I’ve used Russian on the job, French as an au pair (nanny), and conversational German when I lived in Germany as a military spouse.

To keep up my language skills, I looked online for stuff to read. I really liked reading bilingual material (reading the same thing side by side, in two different languages), but I couldn’t find enough of it. I knew there must be other people out there like me.

So I created the FLLO: short, easy articles on familiar topics, posted in English and one or more other languages (French, Russian, German and Spanish). I write the articles in English, and native speakers translate them for me.

There aren’t any grammar lessons in the FLLO, no verb conjugations…just reading in a second language for fun.

Here’s how it works: you probably already know a little about Robin Williams, or you’ve seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, right?

So when you go to the FLLO and read Robin’s biography in German, or read in Spanish about how Dorothy's house lands in Oz, you have a head start on what the article is about. Before you know it, you’re picking up new words, and reading is a little easier.

How The FLLO Can Help You

So maybe you’re studying German or Spanish or English right now…or you tried to learn French or Russian once before and now you want to work on it again? The place to start is the Articles page—you’ll find more instructions there.

In the next month, I’ll be posting some tools and other resources to help you learn better, and learn a little faster--like quizzes and more audio files to go along with the articles, so you can test your listening skills, too.

You know a little about me—now I would love to hear from you. What’s your story? What foreign language do you want to study, and why? Email me at (or use our Contact Us form). I love hearing from our readers, and I answer every email.